Thursday, March 3, 2011

What A Day!

Brandon's perspective while in a performance review meeting with one of his employees...

Ring Ring (cell phone)....... hits ignore.
Ring Ring again...... hits ignore.
Ring Ring again..... "ummmm, must be important"
"Hello sweetie"
[Carter] "Hello daddy, Max fell out of the chair."
"Okay.... daddy's in a meeting"
[Carter] "Max has a bump on his head"
[Carter] "And there is drops of blood"
"Can I talk to mommy please"

Now flash backwards from my perspective....
Carter and Max were playing in the front room (I was in a "different" room... okay I was in the bathroom). Luckily I was just standing up and pulled up my pants when I heard a big thump and then... silence. I looked out of the door and said "what's going on! (knowing that they had tipped over the chair and I was frustrated that they were playing when I had asked them to put on their shoes because we were just about to leave). Carter said "oh no mom" and Max stood up and all I saw was a dark black spot on his forehead and blood dripping down his face. I ran back into the bathroom and washed my hands and grabbed the towel Max came walking towards me and his shirt was covered in blood. I was trying to put the towel on his head to apply pressure (of course he is freaking out and screaming and not wanting me to touch it. Every time I moved the towel or if he moved, blood was spurting out of this cut onto my shirt and the floor. Carter was such a little hero. He was obviously in a little shock and kept saying "oh no... oh no... there's blood on the floor.... oh no.. oh no...". I told Carter to go call dad and he went and got my phone and called Brandon like a pro (see above dialog) luckily we had just recently taught him how to use my phone and how to call dad and 911 in an emergency. While carter is trying to get a hold of Brandon I can't take pressure off of Max's head so I run upstairs with him and get the gauze pads out of the medicine cabinet with one hand and rip the packages open with my teeth. I replace the towel with two gauze pads and run back downstairs.

Carter has Brandon on the phone at this point so I am holding Max in one arm and use my cheek to apply pressure to his cut so I can have a free hand. I quickly let Brandon know what's going on and let him go so I could figure out what to do.... I can't drive because I have to hold on to his head but I didn't want to call an ambulance. Luckily I have a friend that lives just down the road from me and she came and picked the three of us up, dropped me and Max off at the urgent care and took Carter back to her house (thank you so much Amy!!!! What an awesome visiting teacher you are!) When I was waiting for Amy to come get us and Max was still squished against my cheek I realized that I never buttoned or zipped up my pants! This is very hard to do with one hand while holding a crying child in the other arm... luckily I realized this before I got to urgent care! On our way to urgent care I called them to let them know we were coming and they got us in quickly. What a day!
Here are some photos:
When we got there they put some numbing stuff on a cotton ball and taped it to his cutMax got treated to two cherry Popsicles
Brandon left work right after I got off the phone with him and met us at urgent care
They wanted to make sure he could walk straight. He kept saying "owee" and patting his head.
Getting ready to get the numbing shot and then the stitches He got 5 stitches Back at home with brother. When we were at the doctor he kept asking for "brother"Our little tough guy

His head dented the molding!